The ultimate vegan sandwich?


Muesli, soya milk


Always an energising way to start the day!


Hummus, lettuce and tomato baguette, crisps, strawberries, cocoa and orange Nakd bar


This lovely lunch was prepared by my Mum during a visit home and I think it may have included the ultimate animal-free sandwich! This was a par bake baguette spread with vegan margarine and hummus, then stuffed with lettuce and cherry tomatoes. The combination of flavours was really lovely, especially with the nice crusty bread. Animal-free par bake baguettes seem fairly easy to find in the supermarket (this one was from Tesco), and have the advantage that you can make them as soft or crusty as you like. Spreading them with vegan margarine and jam makes a great (if not overly healthy) breakfast.


Gnocchi with sweet Tomato and Ginger sauce, salad


Another lovely meal prepared by my Mum. This is a really good dish if you’re in a hurry, and the gnocchi is a nice variation on pasta. Nuts always make a great topping for leafy salad and these were salted peanuts.



Fruit salad, flapjack

This was a creative version of the traditional fruit salad as it used mashed banana with the strawberries and pineapple. It’s amazing how different banana is if you mash it rather than chop it, although both variations work well. The flapjack was one of the Blackfriars range, many of which are animal-free. Chopping them into bitesize pieces creates a really nice accompaniment to a fruit salad.



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