Pomegranate and Pine Nut Salad

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This salad is nice to look at but also tastes delicious as it uses some really special ingredients. To make it for one person, I just used a good bowlful of watercress, some sweet pepper (chopped), a smallish piece of cucumber (diced), and  generous handfuls of pine nuts and pomegranate seeds. I drizzled some olive oil over the top to serve it. The pine nuts were left over from the ones I’d roasted yesterday but they’d still be delicious unroasted. If you’re aiming for a 5 minute salad (as I usually am at lunchtime) I’d suggest either preparing the pomegranate seeds in advance, or just splashing out on a packet of ready-prepared ones.

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A couple of ‘breakfast’ muffins were actually perfect with this, as they’re basically just lovely soft white bread. I popped the muffins into the toaster whole, and found that this created an especially soft centre and crusty outside. I don’t have a particularly spacious toaster, so hopefully this option should be open to everyone. As I mentioned when they appeared at a more conventional time of day, some breakfast muffins do contain milk, but the Sainsbury’s Basics variety is definitely animal-friendly (and also quite friendly towards the bank balance).


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