Sandwich ideas

Luckily there’s no shortage of vegan sandwich options. If you prefer a more traditional sandwich, you can just make vegan versions of all your normal choices. But if you want to branch out a bit, that’s easy too.

Naturally animal-free

Peanut butter

This can be combined with grated carrot, grapes, tomato or pretty much anything you feel like. It also goes really well spread on toasted rye bread and topped with kiwi fruit (who would have thought?).



This goes well with grated carrot, sliced tomato or salad. Hummus and sliced beetroot is a surprising but very nice combination! Hummus and roasted veg is great for a more substantial sandwich.

2013-08-24 15.37.05

2013-08-19 15.10.26

Marinated tofu pieces

Probably better off in a wrap or pitta bread as they’re quite chunky.


Braised tofu

This is a really great ingredient for creating an animal-free ‘tuna sandwich’, and you can buy it in Holland and Barrett. It’s in a tin, so not in the chilled section with the other tofu. To use, drain, rinse, break off some slices and arrange on bread. It works well topped with chopped tomatoes and egg-free mayonnaise. I like the Plamil brand of egg-free mayo, which is also available in H&B.



A hearty filling that needs something to keep it moist e.g. hummus or chutney.  Another one that probably needs a pitta bread or tortilla wrap to keep it in its place. Tesco do a nice falafel wrap.



This makes a really great sandwich filling in its own right, especially combined with chopped tomato or cucumber, plus some vegan mayo and black pepper. Be warned though, it turns brown alarmingly quickly so wouldn’t travel very well!


Celery and raisin

The crunchiness and sweetness works really well, especially in a bagel.



Not that refined I know, but definitely worth having every now and again! Could be combined with peanut butter for a real calorie kick.


Banana and watercress

This is a great one, but only works if you’re going to eat it straight away as banana turns brown pretty quickly.

Traditional in animal-free form:

Vegan cheese and chutney/vegan cheese salad

Tesco have recently started selling a vegan cheese which makes a good sandwich- just head over to the chilled ‘free from’ section. For the ultimate cheese experience, I would recommend the Vegusto products, which you can buy in some health food shops or online. They’re a bit on the pricey side, but nice for a treat every now and again.


Vegan cream cheese

You can buy this in Holland and Barrett and I really like the Tofutti brand (which also comes in garlic and herb flavour). It works really well with any kind of salad but especially cucumber or tomato.


Vegan ‘ham’ and tomato

The Redwood brand does a whole range of vegan ‘meats’ that  are ideal for quick sandwich fillings. You can buy them in Holland and Barrett.


Vegan sausage baguette

If you cook some extra vegan sausages, they work really well in a baguette, especially combined with salad and vegan mayo. I really like the Vegetarian’s Choice brand of sausages as they’re very light. You can but these in the frozen section of (surprise!) Holland and Barrett.

2013-08-17 13.11.08


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