Breakfast Ideas


There are plenty of animal-free cereals and you can find a few examples below. The range of animal-free milks is also pretty extensive. Aside from soya milk, you can buy almond, hazelnut, oat, rice and coconut milks and many of these come in sweetened and unsweetened form. It’s really just a case of trying them and seeing which you like best. You can find some of these in the chilled section of supermarkets (next to the dairy milk), whilst others are kept next to the long-life dairy milk.

Porridge (with fresh fruit and golden syrup)

2013-08-24 09.05.06

Maple & pecan crisp (can be bought in Tesco or Sainsbury’s)

001 (2)

Sainsbury’s peach and apricot balance


Nature’s Path maple sunrise

2013-08-21 07.50.40

Sainsbury’s Basics Weetabix


Tesco blueberry wheats


Muesli (although Alpen contains milk)


Chopped fruit topped with soya yogurt and maple & pecan crisp


Sainsbury’s wholegrain malties


Banana & grape compote (i.e. mashed banana topped with chopped grapes and crunchy cereal)



Blueberry or fruit and oat bagels are ideal for breakfast. Good fillings include peanut butter and sliced banana.



No real need for an explanation! There are plenty of vegan spreads such as the ‘Pure’ range which comes in soya and sunflower form. I’ve recently discovered greengage jam, although the traditional strawberry flavour is difficult to beat.



The Tesco ones are vegan and taste great toasted with jam on.


Pitta breads

These may not seem like a conventional breakfast choice but actually work really well toasted, sliced and spread with a little vegan margarine and jam.

002 (2)

Breakfast muffins

The Sainsbury’s Basics muffins are marked as vegan and toasting makes them lovely and crispy on the outside but soft inside.



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