How to personalise your potato


Wheat biscuits with blackberries, soya milk


I find that berries and cereal make a great morning combination. The berries give you a good dose of natural sugar and the cereal should hopefully keep you going until lunch (although I rarely get there without a snack!).


Pitta bread, crisps, blueberries


I still hadn’t got round to buying any sandwich fillings, so just had a toasted pitta spread with vegan margarine and stuffed with some chopped red cabbage. I wasn’t all that hopeful about the results but it was actually very nice, especially as the pitta bread was tomato and basil flavour (the Aegean tomato and basil ones from Sainsbury’s).


Jacket potato, salad


These were prepared by my Mum during a visit home and were really lovely- both soft and crispy at the same time. I never get bored of jacket potatoes and there’s no shortage of animal-free toppings and fillings. They’re nice just with soya margarine, but vegan cheese is always great to sprinkle on top. An alternative approach is to spread them with hummus, which works really well too. Baked beans are a good option if you feel like something more traditional, and the possibilities are endless really- there’s always plenty of room for creativity!


Just a few squares of dark chocolate (Green and Blacks), as jacket potatoes are always pretty filling.


Apple, blueberries

I always find blueberries a good snack to have on your desk while you’re working, although it’s quite easy to get through an entire punnet without realising!


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