A dessert you could have for breakfast


Muesli, raspberries, soya milk

Toast, loganberry jam


Two breakfasts in one, I know, but lunch wasn’t really going to fit in so I decided to adopt a camel type approach (even if toast and jam probably isn’t a desert animal’s preferred choice of food).


Butternut squash and sultana couscous, salad


This was a repeat dinner as I’d made double quantities the other day. The recipe is still under construction but it made quite a tasty dinner anyway.


Soya yogurt with fruit and golden syrup


This was an Alpro soya yogurt, topped with fresh fruit and golden syrup. It makes a great dessert that’s almost healthy and can double up as a light breakfast.


Almonds, vegan chocolate cake/coconut ice

Oh dear! No lunch and all those sweets. Not ideal I admit, but it least it helps to dispel the myth about vegans existing on leaves (and it was a Sunday)! The reason for this slightly odd pattern was going to visit FRIEND, a farmed animal sanctuary in Kent (http://www.friendsanimalrescue.org.uk/about_new.htm). It’s a wonderful place, and it was lovely to see happy members of generally unfortunate species such as pigs, cows and hens.


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