What vegans don’t have to eat


Muesli, soya milk

Always an energising way to start the day.


Lentil, spinach and tomato salad

I had some lentils left over from the night before so decided to make a healthy salad for lunch. It was nice, but not especially filling and I wouldn’t recommend it without some supplementary bread (or some other source of carbs). Just to clarify, vegans are most definitely not restricted to leaf-based lunches that leave them feeling hungry during the afternoon! You may like to take a look at my sandwich ideas for additional evidence of this 🙂


Peanut and broccoli noodles, salad


I still had some ingredients for this, so opted for a repeat of the other day’s dinner. It’s the type of dish you never get tired of though, as it’s so tasty and quick to prepare. Please click here for the recipe.



Chocolate chip cookies, fruit

The novelty of discovering these animal-free chocolate chip cookies still hasn’t worn off. For anyone who hasn’t seen the overexcited post on this, they’re chocolate chip hobnobs (and I’d imagine they’re pretty widely available in all supermarkets).


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