Tropical porridge: surprising but delicious!


Porridge with mango and soya milk

2013-08-20 08.40.35

Mango might not be the most obvious porridge topping but this unexpected combination is actually really delicious. The other tip for great porridge is to use all soya milk rather than combining it with water. The result is much creamier and if you choose sweetened soya milk you won’t even need any sugar. That said, I find that a drizzle of golden syrup is never a bad thing!


Avocado and tomato baguette, crisps, sesame snaps, apple

2013-08-20 12.53.08

Just two vegetables can actually make a really great sandwich filling. I just spread a par-bake baguette with some soya margarine, then added slices of cherry tomatoes and avocado, plus some vegan mayonnaise and black pepper. The result was really delicious and avocado is quite filling without being overwhelming. Vegan mayo is readily available from health food shops, or you can buy it on Goodness Direct. I really like the Plamil brand, which comes in a variety of exciting flavours (e.g. garlic and chilli).


Couscous with roasted veg, salad (with beetroot and dried cranberries)

This dinner was technically a bit of a failure, but also a good illustration of how hard it is to end up with a vegan meal that isn’t quite nice, even if things go wrong.

I’m lucky enough to have plenty of courgettes from a friend’s garden at the moment, so thought I’d roast one and stuff it with couscous. Unfortunately though, its progress in the oven was painfully slow and when I finally lost patience and took it out, it still wasn’t quite as soft as it needed to be. My attempts to scoop out the flesh resulted in an unsightly mound of mangled veg. Amazingly though, it still made a tasty dinner. I just cut up the failed courgette, then added it to some couscous that I’d cooked in veggie stock and lemon juice. I also threw in some roasted cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn, peanuts and parsley.


Strawberries, dark chocolate

2013-08-20 19.32.20

This is a great combination although the strawberries were a little sharp. More than enough sugar was provided by the chocolate though!


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