How to make a great dessert from two ingredients


Maple and pecan crisp cereal (again!), soya milk, fruit


Bagel with hummus and roasted veg, crisps, fruit, Nakd bar

2013-08-19 15.10.26

The roasted hummus and veg filling works just as well on a bagel as in a baguette. It also looks really attractive, so is ideal for promoting animal-free sandwiches to your guests.


Beetroot, cucumber and sweetcorn salad, toasted bagel

2013-08-19 20.23.52

This was a repeat of the previous day’s dinner, as lunch was seriously on the late side and a cooked meal wasn’t really required. It worked well and vegan mayonnaise and croutons are always a great way to brighten up a salad. Yet again, my phone camera was determined to make it look dull, but it was actually colourful and tasty.


Mango and chocolate pot, dark chocolate (cocoa overload I know!)

2013-08-19 21.18.16

A fail-safe, zero-effort dessert that tastes great.  You literally just build up layers of chopped mango and Alpro soya dessert, and the results are really impressive. You can find the soya desserts in the ‘free-from’ section of supermarkets (near the gluten-free products). To make the dessert for three people, you’ll need one mango and three pots of soya dessert.


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