Why you can never roast too much veg


Maple and pecan crisp cereal, soya milk, fruit

2013-08-18 09.17.37

I’ve eaten this cereal a few too many times lately, but it is seriously addictive.


Roasted veg and hummus baguette, crisps, fruit, Nakd bar

2013-08-18 15.09.51

Hummus and roasted veg is a seriously delicious option for an animal-free sandwich. I always think it’s worth roasting some extra veg, then you’ll have a great sandwich filling ready and waiting in the fridge. I used a par-bake baguette, which is a really nice (if not wildly healthy) choice of sandwich bread. The vegetables were courgettes and cherry tomatoes, but aubergines and peppers also work well.


Beetroot, sweetcorn and cucumber salad, toasted bagel

Lunch wasn’t eaten at a very conventional time (finished circa 4pm), so a cooked meal wasn’t really needed in the evening. The salad was just a combination of iceberg lettuce, chopped beetroot, sweetcorn and cucumber. I drizzled some vegan mayonnaise on top and added a sprinkling of garlic and herb type croutons. This is a really tasty salad which only takes about 5 mins to prepare. Unfortunately I’m still without a camera and my phone seems unreasonably prejudiced against vegan food. It tends to add a kind of dull hue to all my pictures which makes everything look decidedly insipid. Its representation of the vibrantly coloured salad was particularly harsh in my opinion!

2013-08-18 20.16.17


Soya yogurt pot with crunchy topping

Despite eating more than enough sugary cereal at breakfast time, I thought my latest discovery would lend itself quite well to a yogurt based dessert. I just put a few spoonfuls of plain soya yogurt in a dessert pot, then added a sprinkle of maple sunrise cereal, followed by a little more yogurt, then more cereal. It worked well, although I think some very moist fruit (e.g. tinned pineapple) would have added the finishing touch.


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