Ice cream discovery!

Apologies for the lack of pictures. I didn’t have my camera with me and my phone was in a state of low battery and determined to make everything look pale and insipid!


Toasted jam sandwich, fruit

A toasted sandwich is generally a good option for a sustaining breakfast,  especially if you use wholemeal bread.


Tortilla wrap with vegan cream cheese and cucumber, apple, banana, licorice

This is definitely a great sandwich option that only takes a few minutes to prepare in the morning. I find that garlic and herb ‘cream cheese’ (Tofutti brand) goes really well with cucumber, especially in a wrap. At the risk of sounding a little fixated with wholegrain, brown wraps are probably the best option for a serious dose of afternoon energy. Bananas are another good choice for an energy boost that lasts for several hours.


Courgette and olive couscous, salad

I’ve now arrived back at home for a week of animal-sitting, and my Mum prepared this lovely couscous dish. Couscous is such a versatile food that lends itself really well to any veg or even fruit. This dish included olives, courgettes and tinned apricots.


Non-dairy Neapolitan ice cream

Going for non-dairy ice cream definitely doesn’t mean cutting out exciting flavours. Booja Booja do a great range which includes gems like ginger flavour, and even the much cheaper Swedish Glace brand do raspberry, blueberry, vanilla, chocolate and Neapolitan. The Neapolitan flavour comes in bigger tubs, but you can buy it in health food shops or in large Sainsbury’s stores. It was the first time I’d tried it, but I was really impressed. The ice creamy taste is totally authentic and it’s much lighter than its dairy equivalent. While on the subject of vegan ice cream, it’s probably worth mentioning sorbets which are often vegan and seem to be appearing in increasingly varied flavours.


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