An unconventional salad


Wheat biscuits, strawberries, soya milk


A great combination, although I really will be branching out with breakfast cereals in the near future. Wheat biscuits can lead to breakfast-related apathy as the packets last for ages and you end up working through them for days on end in a very un-creative way!


Tortilla wrap with butternut squash dip and cherry tomatoes, fruit (apple and greengages), licorice

This was the butternut squash dip that comes from Sainsbury’s and is quite a good option for packed lunches with minimal morning effort. I used a square, wholemeal tortilla wrap (not that I think the shape makes a huge amount of difference!). The licorice was the Panda brand (raspberry flavour), which seems to be highly addictive. I’ve been foolishly keeping a packet in my bag and it inevitably surfaces every lunchtime.


Bean, banana and cashew salad, tortilla wrap with ‘cream cheese’


This was pretty much a repeat of the previous day’s salad in my continued effort to finish up the contents of the fridge before going away. It was just a leafy salad base, plus some bean shoots, tomatoes, banana and salted cashews (drizzled with olive oil). The ingredients do sound a little unconventional but it works really well and tastes great. If you need a side bread, tortillas spread with vegan cream cheese are a great option. I used the Tofutti brand (garlic and herb), and I do think you’d have trouble detecting that it’s not dairy cream cheese.


The new system of writing up previous days’ blogs certainly works better from a practical point of view, but it does have drawbacks. One of these is that it’s easy to forget what you actually ate. This applies to dessert, but I would imagine that dark chocolate and fruit came into it!


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