How to make a great side dish from three ingredients


Toast and jam, blueberries


I find that berries are always good for a morning sugar boost.


Sandwich (butternut squash dip and tomato), apple, flapjack

The butternut squash dip can be bought from Sainsbury’s and is quite a nice option for an instant sandwich filling. I used the Warburtons sandwich thins again which are good for lightish lunch.


Bean, banana and cashew salad, potato salad, red cabbage and fig


I’m trying to finish up the contents of the fridge before going away so decided to opt for a bit of everything type dinner. The potato salad was left over from the other day and you can find the recipe here (please scroll down to dinner). The salad was just a mix of leaves, bean shoots, banana and salted cashews, drizzled with some olive oil. It might seem like an unlikely combination but it worked really well.  The cabbage dish only uses three ingredients but tastes really delicious.

Ingredients for red cabbage and fig (serves 2):

– !/2 red cabbage

– 1 cube veggie stock (I like the Kallo cubes)

– A good handful of figs


1. Chop the cabbage and figs.

2. Place the cabbage in a pan, add a good splash of water (but not enough to cover it) and crumble a stock cube over the top.

3. Add the figs, cover and simmer until the cabbage is tender. Stir every now and again, adding more water if needed.


Berries, chocolate


Still a few blueberries left over from this morning, plus some strawberries and a little dark chocolate. Next week I will be branching out with desserts.


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