Soya milk discovery!


Wheat biscuits, grapes, vanilla soya milk


I’ve recently discovered vanilla soya milk. It’s a great alternative to sugar in coffee as it’s definitely sweet enough to compensate. It’s also good for creating a really sweet bowl of cereal. It’s probably not any healthier than sugar, but it does save a few seconds with a teaspoon and I never seem able to overcome the problem of undissolved sugar crystals in the base of the cup. You can buy vanilla soya milk in Sainsbury’s, next to the other long life soya milks. The one I used was the Alpro brand.


Jam sandwich, cranberries/pine nuts, sharon fruit, biscuits


I was running a bit low on sandwich fillings so decided to opt for jam. It wasn’t a hardship though, as I have a lovely jar of loganberry jam made by my Nan which was ideal with some soft wholemeal bread. Even I couldn’t face crisps with jam, hence the pine nuts/cranberries. The sharon fruit was mainly there for cosmetic purposes, but they taste great too!


Apple and Watercress Dhal, pitta bread


This is a great dish for using up less than perfect watercress, and the combination of flavours really is delicious. It’s quite warming and comforting if you do get a chilly day, but good in the summer too. You can just have it with a side salad, but I had some pitta bread to use up and that goes really well too.


Blackberries and soya cream

This is a really good variation on strawberries and cream- maybe a slightly more autumnal version! I find the chilled soya cream especially good for this.


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