A seriously simple spaghetti dish


Toast and marmalade, grapes


The marmalade was (like the jam), made by my Nan and was really lovely. It had a much more orangey flavour than the shop-bought variety.


Pitta with cannellini bean hummus and tomatoes, crisps, apple, biscuits


You’ll be glad to know that this was the last of the cannellini bean hummus- people must be getting sick of hearing about it! Maybe next time I’ll buy a smaller tin of cannellini beans and bore people less. If you’ve yet to be bored, you can see the recipe here (just scroll down to lunch). The pitta breads were from Sainsbury’s and labelled as ‘Aegean tomato and basil’ (as well as vegan). Despite the slightly pretentious sounding title, they were really nice toasted and spread with some soya margarine and (last mention) the cannellini bean hummus.



Lemon Spaghetti, red cabbage and pine nut salad


This is a great dish that only uses four ingredients (or five if you’re strict enough to count the oil used for cooking the spaghetti). It has a great flavour and you’d never know it was so simple to prepare. I find that wholemeal spaghetti works really well for this as it’s such a nice light sauce.

I seem to have a huge amount of cabbage left over from the noodle dish I cooked the other day so tried having it chopped up as a side salad with some pine nuts and olive oil. It was pretty nice, although I think red cabbage probably works better as part of a salad than as the sole component.



Sharon fruit, dark chocolate


I’ve only recently discovered sharon fruits, but they really are lovely. They look really pretty when sliced, and have a very sweet taste with a texture that’s maybe half way between an apple and a pear. These were on offer in Sainsbury’s (3 for £1), so seemed a good dessert  option.


Apple, dried figs

The figs were another ingredient left over from the noodle dish I made the other day. I find they make a great snack, although it’s quite hard to stop eating them once you start!



2 thoughts on “A seriously simple spaghetti dish

    • Hi Annabel, glad you like it. Your blog is fabulous 🙂 I love the spaghetti and falafels recipe- I must try that. I’m not too sure how to follow your blog, but I’ll keep checking back. Keep up the great work!


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