Purple noodles revisited


Ciabatta bread with loganberry jam, grapes


At the moment I’m lucky enough to have some jam made by my Nan (jam making is definitely not the right thing to embark on if you’re always in a hurry!) It’s really lovely and tastes so different to shop-bought jam. Fortunately though, I’m yet to find a jam that isn’t vegan (unless you include lemon curd which normally contains egg).


Cannelini bean hummus sandwich, crisps, apple, licorice


This was the hummus I made the other day (just a tin of cannellini beans, a handful of chopped parsley and the zest of two lemons, mashed together roughly with a splash of water). It keeps really well in the fridge and makes a great chunky sandwich spread.  Most shop-bought hummus is also vegan though, so there’s no need to make your own unless you want to! The licorice was the Panda brand (raspberry flavour), which I seem to be slightly addicted to at the moment.


Red Cabbage and Almond Noodles, Watercress


A repeat of a dish I’d made the the day before, but it keeps really well in the fridge and can then just be heated up when you need it. The watercress made a nice side salad, although I do find you need a drizzle of olive oil to tame the pepperiness!


Pineapple with Dark Chocolate Shards


This is another one of those desserts that only takes a few minutes to make but looks quite sophisticated if served in the right way. The earthenware bowl, whilst lovely for pasta and cereal, probably wasn’t the best choice, but the recent house move means I’m a little short on serving equipment!


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