Some unseasonal breakfast inspiration


Wheat biscuits with cranberries and apple, soya milk


I know this may seem a little on the christmassy side, but it does make a really lovely breakfast, especially with the sweetness added by the cranberries. These were dried cranberries which are readily available in supermarkets/health food shops and are great for cooking, baking and sprinkling in general. The wheat biscuits were from the Co-op and helpfully labelled as vegan.


Ciabatta with cannellini bean hummus, tortilla chips, blueberries


The ciabatta was from the Co-op and is labelled as vegan. Even when it’s freshly bought, I find that it’s best toasted as this guarantees a crispy outside and soft middle.  It’s then pretty adaptable in terms of toppings but I went for cannellini bean hummus with the usual drizzle of olive oil. It’s basically a variation on home made chickpea hummus, although the absence of chickpeas, tahini and garlic did make me think that calling it hummus might be stretching the definition a little. I just rinsed and drained a tin of cannellini beans then added the zest of a couple of lemons and a good handful of chopped parsley. It would probably work quite well in a food processor, but I just added a few splashes of water and mashed it with a fork. You basically just need to add enough water for it to form a convincing paste-like consistency. It tasted great, although I think it looked prettier before the mashing stage.



Red Cabbage and Almond Noodles


This is a really quick dinner to prepare, as well as being really unusual (in a good way)! Please click here for the recipe.


Dark chocolate, blueberries

The blueberries were left over from the ones I had at lunch time. They were reduced in Sainsbury’s but still really nice, even if some of the other packets looked decidedly past their prime!


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