A reminder about pizza


Wholemeal sandwich thins with jam, banana

Eaten on the move but still very nice! These wholemeal sandwich thins were the Warburtons brand and make a nice light sandwich option for lunch or breakfast.


Animal-free pizza, salad


I know having two pizzas this week might look a bit like labouring the point about vegans being able to eat pizza, but it wasn’t deliberate! This one was in Pizza Express, and had pine nuts, raisins, red onion, olives and capers- a really delicious combination of ingredients. They’d evidently decided we needed an extra large pizza (it was 3pm so maybe we looked hungry), but it was very thin and surprisingly easy to get through.



Salad, ciabatta bread

Not much dinner needed after the pizza, but this was a nice light option that continued the vaguely Italian theme (admittedly a coincidence)! The salad was the Co-op crunchy variety and I added a few cherry tomatoes to brighten it up, along with a drizzle of olive oil. You might think that ciabatta was difficult to find in animal-free form, but it actually seems to be fairly widely available. This one was from the Co-op, but you can also find a vegan version in Sainsbury’s.



Grapes, mint chocolate

This was the Plamil brand of mint chocolate, which is one of my favourites. An incredible range of Plamil chocolate (and other brands) is available from the Animal Aid Ethical Shop.


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