A half-healthy lunch idea


Pitta bread with jam

Not very conventional I know, but toasted pitta breads make a surprisingly nice breakfast, especially with a little vegan margarine and jam.


Spinach, tofu and butter bean salad, crisps

This was a repeat of yesterday’s salad and made a very tasty lunch option. I do find that crisps and salad make a good lunch- maybe it’s the combination of the healthy and unhealthy that works so well!

2013-08-01 12.31.08


Gnocchi with sweet Tomato and Ginger sauce, salad

Tonight’s dinner was expertly prepared by my mum when I dropped home as part of the moving process. This is a tasty recipe that’s easy to prepare and makes use of an Italian staple that maybe doesn’t get the publicity it deserves. Some gnocchi does contain egg, but the Trattoria Verdi brand (available in Tesco) is definitely egg-free. Please click here for the recipe.



An instant summer dessert that’s hard to beat!


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