How to veganize two traditional English favourites


Fruit pot


This wasn’t a sudden drive for healthiness but I knew I’d be having an early lunch so decided to stick to something light. I just used up some mango and melon that I had in the fridge and it made a surprisingly filling breakfast.


‘Cream cheese’ and tomato bagel, crisps, fruit, cocoa and orange Nakd bar


Since discovering this lovely vegan ‘cream cheese’ (the Tofutti brand), it has become a bit of a lunchtime staple, especially on a bagel. A few basil leaves always go well with cherry tomatoes, and you can even add a drizzle of olive oil for the full effect.


Vegan Sausage Rolls, homemade chips, salad


These sausage rolls are seriously easy to make using Jus’ Roll puff pastry and vegan sausages. These ones puffed up a little over enthusiastically and ended up looking more like hot dogs, but they still tasted great- really light and crispy. For the recipe, please click here.

I must admit that homemade chips aren’t ideal for anyone in a hurry but they’re definitely worth making every now and again as they taste really special. If you never have time (and I know many people don’t), then it’s pretty easy to get frozen chips that are vegan. To make homemade chips for three people, just peel four potatoes and slice them into chip shapes. Brush them generously with rapeseed or olive oil, lay them out on a baking tray and roast them on gas mark 8 (230 C) for about an hour, turning them at least one. They’re lovely with some malt vinegar drizzled over them.


Vegan trifle


Continuing the with the veganization of traditional English food, this is a lovely dessert that couldn’t be easier to make. You can buy great vegan jelly in Holland and Barrett (please click here to see), and I personally find that the Alpro brand of soya custard has the best taste (you can normally find this in the supermarket). The jelly sets fairly quickly, but I’d suggest making it at lunchtime (or earlier), if you’re aiming to have the trifle that evening. Once the jelly has set, you can just top it with some soya custard. Vegan chocolate buttons are ideal for a finishing touch and you can find these in the ‘free from’ section of supermarkets (i.e. along with all the gluten free products).


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