How to make a great dish from spare veg


Muesli, soya milk

This breakfast seems to have been on repeat a bit too often this week so I’ll be sure to branch out in future!


Wholemeal sandwich thins with salad and hummus, crisps, figs, peanut bar

I’d say that the Warburtons wholemeal sandwich thins are even nicer than the white ones and presumably a healthier choice. They’re ideal for making a light sandwich. I just spread them with some soya margarine and hummus, then added some chopped cucumber and cherry tomatoes for a bit of refreshing juiciness. The result was really tasty, although I’d suggest using at least two sandwich thins to ensure sufficient levels of afternoon fuel.

Fresh figs are definitely worth splashing out on if you can find them as they really do taste special. These ones were from Tesco, but I’m not sure that they’re in stock on a permanent basis. The peanut bar was the Cofresh brand, and you can usually get them from the World Food section of supermarkets or from AMT coffee stalls. They’re basically just sugar and peanuts, so delicious but probably not ideal for teeth.



Mediterranean pasta, salad


This was basically a version of Mediterranean tagliatelle, but I used fusilli rather than spaghetti and added in some celery. This recipe is extremely quick and good for finishing up any spare veg. It also has a really lovely flavour and tastes a bit like something you might get in Italy.



Ginger and chocolate brownie, melon


This was another of the sticky chocolate brownies. They certainly keep really well and maintain their sticky texture. Apologies for the melon arrangement- I had envisaged something slightly less naff but this is how it turned out. It didn’t affect the taste though and melon and ginger is definitely a winning combination.



It’s amazing how a single fruit can make such a great snack that’s ready-wrapped in eco-friendly form!


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