Vegan crème caramels: available in a supermarket near you!


Mixture of cereal, soya milk


I was running out of maple & pecan crisp cereal so had to resort to mixing it with some healthy muesli! It worked well though.


Sandwich thins with ‘cream cheese’ salad, crisps, fruit, vegan coconut ice


These are the Warburtons sandwich thins which seem to be totally animal-free. They’re really nice filled with vegan ‘cream cheese’ (this was the Tofutti brand), along with some sliced tomatoes, salad and a drizzle of olive oil.


Aubergine and lemon pasta, salad

This pasta dish has a great flavour and really doesn’t take too much effort to make. It’s also fairly filling so a light salad is enough to have on the side.  If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add some pomegranate seeds or grapes for a boost of juiciness.


Vegan crème caramel, fruit, biscuits

These vegan crème caramels are available in the chilled section of Tesco and they really do taste exactly the same as the dairy version. They’re labelled as free-from crème caramels and marked on the packet as being vegan. The biscuits (maybe not strictly necessary) were also from Tesco. They’re called shortcake biscuits but seem to be completely animal-free so are ideal to have with a dessert like an animal-free crème caramel.


Banana, cherries

Fruit seems to be the way forward for snacking in the extreme heat!


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