A cow-friendly bagel


Maple and pecan crisp cereal, soya milk, strawberries


The strawberries were left over from a dessert and made a really nice addition to some sugary cereal.


‘Cream cheese’ bagel, crisps, fruit, vegan coconut ice


This lovely Tofutti ‘cream cheese’ goes really well on a bagel. I added quite a generous spreading along with some basil leaves and a drizzle of olive oil. Unfortunately my choice of plate wasn’t very photogenic and I ended up with a bit of a camouflage effect that didn’t exactly show off my lunch at its best. The taste definitely made up for it though. You can buy vegan coconut ice in Animal Aid’s ethical shop, although this pack was actually from Tesco.


Roast vegetable tortillas, lime and ginger dip, vegan guacamole, salad


The veggie tortillas were beautifully cooked by my Mum and used peppers and courgettes rather than aubergines. She also made a lovely lime and ginger dip, which was perfect for adding to the tortillas. It’s seriously easy to make- you just add about 2 tsp of lime juice to around 100g vegan mayonnaise along with around 1 tsp of finely grated  root ginger. It’s satisfyingly tangy and refreshing. You can buy vegan mayonnaise from various health food stores or from Goodness Direct. Guacamole often has cream in, but you can always just mash an  avocado and add a squeeze of lemon for a lovely animal-free version.



Apple cake, summer fruit


This is the Mrs Crimble’s Dutch apple cake, which is another sugary treat that you can buy in health food shops or (again) on Goodness Direct. It’s satisfyingly sticky and you’d never know that it’s vegan.



Just a banana today as it was too hot for serious snacking!


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