A main course with tropical fruit


Wholegrain malties, soya milk, peaches


This is another nice vegan breakfast cereal that you can buy in Sainsbury’s.  They seem to mark the cereals that are vegan which makes choosing much easier. The peaches were from a jar, but were a nice quick way to get some early morning fruit.


Beetroot and broccoli salad, crisps, pineappple


If you feel like a change from bread based lunches, I find that salad and crisps are a good alternative. The salad probably needs to be fairly hearty though as a few leaves may not leave you feeling sufficiently full to get on with the afternoon. I bought this one at a cafe and it included beetroot, broccoli and beans. It was tasty and refreshing, but did make you feel the need for something a little less healthy (hence the crisps)!


Apple and celery dhal, pitta bread, chopped banana and cucumber


This is a variation on apple and raisin dhal and makes a really nice meal. I arrived in Oxford ridiculously late last night and my Dad had expertly prepared this, incorporating some tropical fruit which made it really special and unusual.  Banana and cucumber are really nice to have on the side and would also be refreshing with a spicy curry. Amazingly, desiccated coconut makes a great topping for this kind of dish as it adds a bit of sweetness and has a really nice texture.


Fruit and chocolate pot


My Mum had prepared this lovely dessert which was made from strawberries, tinned mandarins and chocolate Alpro soya dessert.


Flapjack bar

Holland and Barrett seem to have started doing their own range of flapjacks and this one was animal-free (although I don’t think all of them are so check the label)! Despite being reduced calorie, it  was still satisfyingly sticky and tasted really good.


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