The usefulness of leaves


Maple and pecan crisp

Tomorrow I will move on from starting the day in this extremely sugary way!


Hummus and spinach sandwich, crisps, fruit, biscuits


I find that spinach is always a really nice salad item to put in sandwiches. The biscuits were the Nairn’s brand (which has evidently branched out from oat cakes to oat biscuits). They’re conveniently (if not very greenly) wrapped in individual packets, and I managed to find a vegan multipack although it’s a case of checking the label as not all Nairn’s biscuits are animal-free. If they’re vegan it says so, which does mean that checking only takes a few seconds.


Tomato and spinach salad, granary toast


I arrived back in London a bit too late to be cooking anything so settled for a salad and some granary toast. The salad was just spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes and mixed seeds (with a drizzle of olive oil), but it actually made a fairly good meal. Just to clarify, vegans (even hurried ones) do not have to live on leaves, but salad is a nice quick option if you manage to miss dinner and actually not a bad choice if you’re struggling in the heat!


Apple and some biscuits

Not highly creative I know but it was rather late by that point!


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