Another surprising sandwich


Maple and pecan crisp cereal, cherries

A refreshing portion of summer fruit to start the day alongside some sugary (but very nice) cereal.


Hummus and beetroot sandwiches, veg chips, Nakd bar, fruit

001 (3)

Beetroot may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you go to make a sandwich but it combines extremely well with hummus. If you just thinly slice a cooked beetroot and add it  to a hummus sandwich, the result will definitely be a good one. The veg chips were the Tyrrells brand which are a little on the expensive side but definitely worth splashing out on every now and again.


Spinach and fig noodles, pea shoot salad, Bombay mix

002 (3)

Tonight’s dinner was again expertly prepared by my Mum with very delicious results. This recipe is basically a variation on  red cabbage and almond noodles although it’s perhaps a slightly less filling version. Pea shoots always make a nice side salad and they seem to have drastically come down in price this summer.

003 (2)


Apple and yogurt pot

004 (2)

To create this I just built up layers of chopped apple and Sojade soya yogurt (apricot flavour), but I think it would work well with any vegan yogurt. As you may have guessed, the glass comes from Prague where they seem to have a wide range of irresistible cat merchandise (or at least they did when I went a few years ago).


Grapes, oatcakes

Fruit and oatcakes are definitely a great option for an afternoon energy boost.

Change of schedule

Eating dinner late can sometimes mean that I’m writing up the day’s meals at an unsociable hour. For this reason, I’ve decided that each post will feature the previous day’s food, meaning that it can be written up any time of the day. I don’t think this will have a huge impact on anyone’s life but I feel as though I should mention it 🙂


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