A dinner that cooks itself


Maple and pecan crisp cereal, soya milk


Definitely the best cereal for a serious dose of morning energy.


Hummus and salad sandwich, crisps, fruit, Nakd bar


My Mum very kindly made me a sandwich today (I’m at home for a few days) which explains the nice presentation! It was a very nice sandwich too, and hummus is always a really good vegan option.


Jacket potatoes and salad


Jacket potatoes are so convenient if you’re busy at home, as you can literally just put them in the oven and they cook themselves. I find that they’re really good with vegan margarine, hummus and a creative salad (tonight’s included olives, beetroots, roasted peppers and chickpeas). Bombay mix always makes a good salad topping.




Tinned pears with apricot soya yogurt, dark chocolate

Tinned fruit and soya yogurt are another good instant dessert. I really like the Sojade brand of yogurts as they come in a really wide range of fruity flavours. You can generally only get them in health food shops though, so I’d suggest the Alpro fruity and creamy range as a better everyday option.


Cherries, brazil nuts, oatcakes

Oatcakes and nuts are both really good for keeping you going in between meals (or just nibbling while at the computer).


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