An animal-friendly ready meal


Muesli, grapes, soya milk

001 (2)

The Co-op’s fruit and nut muesli is vegan and gives you a really nice filling start to the day.


Hummus and falafel wrap, mini chilli crackers, fruit

I ran out of time to prepare any kind of packed lunch this morning, but fortunately you can buy a nice vegan wrap in Tesco. I always find that the mini chilli crackers are a nice accompaniment, but they are a bit on the hot side so be warned!


Innocent veg pot, salad, tortilla chips


This is where the ready meal came in. I generally prefer to make things myself, but this Innocent veg pot was half price in the Co-op so I thought I should give it a go. I went for the  Thai curry version, although I think that many of the Innocent veg pots are vegan. It was very tasty, and definitely nutritious, although I must admit that it was a bit on the spicy side for me (but then I find almost anything hot)! I especially appreciated the water chestnuts, a lovely vegetable used in Thai cooking that I really must explore more.


Mango and chocolate pot


This is a great instant dessert and actually looks reasonably classy in a wine glass (although the plastic one used here does slightly spoil the effect)! You literally just build up layers of Alpro soya dessert and mango. It’s a fail safe-dessert that definitely tastes as good as it looks.


Almonds, grapes

I managed to get quite a reasonably sized pack of almonds for just £1 in Londis. Quite an inexpensive and very delicious snack.


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