How to make your lunchtime feel like a holiday


Toasted sandwich, strawberries

001 (2)

Strawberries are always a lovely way to start the day and a wholemeal toasted sandwich gives you a good supply of energy (especially when filled with jam).


Pasta with Homemade Tomato Sauce, strawberries, dark chocolate


This was the pasta I made yesterday, but the cold version was ideal for lunch. I’d suggest leaving it out of the fridge during the morning though, as the cold does tend to dull its flavour.  If you can manage to eat lunch outside in the sun, this pasta dish might almost make you feel like you’re on holiday in Italy!


Pepper, seed and sultana salad, pitta bread, tortilla chips/Bombay mix


I didn’t have time to shop today, so this was just thrown together out of the ingredients I had in the fridge/store cupboard. It worked really well though, as the sweet sultanas contrasted nicely with the slightly sharper peppers. To make it for one person, I just used a handful of crunchy salad, one tinned, roasted pepper (sliced), one large tomato (sliced) and good handfuls of seeds and raisins. I find that a drizzle of olive oil is always a good last minute addition.  Wholemeal pitta breads tend to go really well with salads, especially when toasted and spread with a little soya margarine.


Mango and strawberries, biscuits

001 (2)

Strawberries and mango go really well together for a super-sweet fruit salad. The biscuits were a vegan variety that I found in the Co-op (morning coffee biscuits apparently).


Nakd fruit bar, wholemeal crackers

More of the wholemeal crackers from Aldi, which I’m finding are really good for a mid-afternoon energy boost.


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