An unexpectedly vegan-friendly shop


Toasted sandwich with jam, apricots

2013-07-05 08.09.18 (1)

This seedy bread makes a very good toasted sandwich, even if it does need a little more attention at the toasting stage. In a normal toaster, I find you have to toast the bottom half, turn it round and then do the rest. Judging by the paleness of the toast in the picture, it looks as though it was warmed rather than properly toasted, but I was in a bit of a rush. Just to clarify, vegans don’t have to eat oddly shaped bread! I’d say that most sliced loaves tend to be vegan, unless they’re specifically advertised as e.g. milk loaves.


Pitta breads with hummus, crisps, apricots, a few pieces of crystallised ginger

Corner shops may not strike you as particularly vegan-friendly establishments, but my one certainly has some useful animal-free ingredients. As well as tinned pulses and veg, it also sells pitta breads, nuts and various other animal-friendly items. It provided me with some nice pitta breads (which only cost £1), and they’re lovely toasted and spread with soya margarine and/or hummus. The apricots have got to the stage of suddenly needing eating, so I seem to be squeezing them in with every meal. You can buy the ginger pieces in Holland and Barrett, and they make a nice fiery snack. They’re also nice finely chopped as part of a dessert, but they’re very hot so come with a bit of a warning tag.


Gnocchi with Sweet Tomato and Ginger Sauce, salad


This lovely pasta dish was prepared by my mum, and tasted great as usual. The tomato and ginger sauce is very warming, and we had an amazing array of salad items to go with it (pea shoots, lettuce, mini peppers, mini beetroots, peanuts). The mini peppers are really lovely- sweet and juicy with minimum preparation required.



Strawberries with chocolate dip


The chocolate dip was actually just a spoonful of vegan chocolate spread. I bought it in Ms Cupcake, an amazing vegan bakery in London, but you can also order it on Plamil’s website (along with vegan mayonnaise and various other irresistible goodies).


Wholemeal crackers

These vegan crackers are amazingly available in Aldi and make a really good light snack.



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