How to energise your morning


Soya latte, oatcakes, banana

Travelling again this morning, which was my excuse for another slightly uninventive start to the day. Whilst there’s no shortage of more interesting animal-free breakfast ideas, oatcakes and a banana certainly leave you feeling thoroughly energised (especially when combined with a coffee)!


Vegan buffet (potatoes, salad, bread, rice, roasted veg etc.)

This lovely vegan lunch was provided at a seminar I went to today. The general concept was a small spoonful of everything, which was a great way to try out the various dishes.


Hummus and tomato sandwich, salad, crisps


Yesterday’s salad ingredients needed using up, so I added the beans and roasted butternut squash to some leafy salad. The crisps were the less healthy side option.


Apricots, chocolate

I feel I’m under-representing vegan desserts this week, as I’ve had record shortages on shopping time. You might like to check out my instant dessert ideas (link at top of page) or head over to Poppy’s Patisserie for some impressive and delicious recipes.


Various lovely vegan biscuits were provided at the seminar.


3 thoughts on “How to energise your morning

  1. Thank you for the link! Great that the seminar had a variety of vegan foods for you – even biscuits! I usually survive seminars or long meetings with a banana stashed in my bag and black tea! 🙂

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