Snacks to the rescue!


Toasted jam sandwich, banana


This was a nice energising start to the morning, and strawberry jam provides a lovely sweet filling for any sandwich.


Oatcakes, hummus, blueberries, flapjack

This is a nice sandwich alternative as the oatcakes go really well dipped in hummus. The flapjack was another one from the Blackfriars range.

Although I rarely skip meals (I like food too much!), a number of complicated factors meant that I wasn’t able to cook/visit a supermarket last night. Fortunately I had a generous supply of snacks with me though, so had some more  oatcakes/hummus, wasabi peanuts and  dried berries. It was pretty nice and surprisingly filling, although I’d normally go for a more substantial evening meal. The wasabi peanuts are very tasty, but  definitely not for the faint hearted as they’re also extremely hot.


Nakd cocoa and orange bar in the morning. These always give a great sugary boost, even if they’re basically just made out of dried fruit.


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