How to help your guacamole look its best


Sesame seed bagel with peanut butter, banana


This is always a nice breakfast if you feel in need of a good energy boost to start the day.


Mini falafels, veg, hummus, wholegrain crackers


This was essentially an extension of yesterday’s buffet type lunch, as the falafels and hummus needed finishing. Cauliflower is surprisingly nice  raw, and I’d say tastier than when it’s boiled. In fact, all kinds of raw veg go well for dipping in hummus. Whilst the plate may look a little spartan, it had several refills of crackers, veg etc.


Grapes, flapjacks


These were the last of the amazing black treacle flapjacks that my Nan baked. An amazing end to any meal!


‘Super Green’ soup, guacamole, pitta breads, mini pretzels


The ‘Super Green’ soup was reduced in Marks and Spencer. It’s not normally somewhere that I’d shop (out of my price range), but there’s a mini ‘M&S Food’ at Oxford Station so I thought I’d stop off on my way back to London to avoid hauling my luggage into the Co-op on the way home. My visit was well timed, as I arrived just as they were distributing the yellow ‘reduced’ labels, and the ‘Super Green’ soup was one of the chosen items. It featured various vegetables including leeks, peas and edamame beans, so should hopefully have provided a fairly comprehensive dose of goodness.

When I arrived back in London, the avocado that I’d left behind was really soft, so guacamole seemed like the obvious solution. I literally just mashed the inside with a fork and sprinkled with seeds, but this does seem like quite a nice way to serve it. The mini pretzels weren’t strictly necessary, but I had a few that needed finishing in the interests of creating space in the cupboard.



Banana, apricots, chocolate

The chocolate was a lovely Fairtrade bar that was included in the amazing goody bag that my grandparents brought over when they came to Sunday lunch last week. It really was delicious, and clearly kind to people as well as animals.


Nakd cocoa orange bar, nectarine, dried fruit/nuts

It’s nice to take advantage of the odd piece of summer fruit while it’s in season, and once nectarines have finally ripened they really are delicious.


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