How to create a delicious buffet without cooking


Mixture of cereal (muesli and maple and pecan crisp), soya milk

I find it can work really well to add a very sweet type of cereal to another kind. I only had a little maple and pecan crisp left so this seemed like a good solution.



Couscous, mini falafels, salad, hummus, whole grain crackers


You might not think that supermarkets stocked many ready-to-eat animal-free items, but actually even a trip to a tiny Sainsbury’s can provide you with a delicious vegan buffet that you won’t have to cook. This is ideal if you’re expecting both guests and time shortages.

The mini falafels were from Sainsbury’s but Tesco also do a frozen version and all supermarkets tend to stock the Cauldron brand. The couscous salad was also from Sainsbury’s and can be found next to the potato salads. The leafy salad was rocket based (nice and peppery) but I also had some olives (tinned) and cherry tomatoes. The wholegrain crackers were from Aldi and went well with some plain hummus from Sainsbury’s. Other instant and readily available buffet items include:

– Crisps

– Nuts

– Bombay mix

– Rice crackers

– Avocadoes (mash to make guacamole)

– Mini pitta breads

– Chopped veg e.g. peppers, cucumber and carrots

You might also like to check out some of the 5 minutes salads (links at the top of the page)


Nectarine, flapjacks, iced soya latte from Costa Coffee

I still have a few flapjacks left over from the amazing batch that my Nan recently baked for me. Even though nectarines tend to take an incredibly long time to ripen, I generally find that it’s worth the effort.


Hummus and vegetable sandwich, crisps, salad


This really was the ultimate vegan sandwich, as it had been made by my Mum and included just about everything you could ever want to put between bread. The basic filling was hummus, but this was combined with chopped peppers, grated carrot and olives, all in very small amounts so as not to overwhelm. I must admit, I was so enthused by its appearance that I initially forgot to photograph it, but the partially demolished sandwich is hopefully hidden by the slightly odd pile-up arrangement.


Strawberries and soya cream, a few squares of vegan chocolate


This was actually a bit of a research mission (if not a very arduous one), as I wanted to see how the long life version of the Alpro soya cream tasted on strawberries. Tesco is currently giving away a free carton of dairy cream when you buy a punnet of strawberries, and I’d like to ask that they extend the offer to soya cream, at least giving people the option of an animal-friendly alternative. Many stores only seem to stock the long life soya cream though, so I wanted to check whether this was a viable option for strawberries, or if chilled soya cream would need to be part of the request. The long life cream was pretty good, although I’d say that the chilled version possibly has the edge.


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