A zero preparation lunch


Peach and apricot balance, soya milk, chopped kiwi fruit


I think I’ve said before but this is basically just Sainsbury’s own version of Special K which is much cheaper (and just as nice in my opinion). The kiwi fruits are finally starting to ripen, and it was really nice to have one chopped up on cereal. I usually have the ‘light’ version of the Alpro soya milk, but this morning I had the ‘original’ and I noticed it was much ‘creamier’. For this reason, I’d say it’s a more advisable choice for people who are making the transition from dairy milk.


Rye bread with banana, pretzels, dried mango

This is a great packed lunch that never really has to be prepared. Just bring a few slices of rye bread, a banana and a knife. When it comes to lunchtime, just chop the banana, put the banana slices on the rye bread and enjoy. The sweet banana and strong grainy rye taste go really well together. This worked especially well with the lovely sunflower seed rye bread that my grandparents bought  me, but I think any rye bread would be fine.

In amongst the crisps, you can usually find mini pretzels, which make a nice change and feel at least slightly healthier, even if they do have grains of rock salt  on them. In fact, the ones I had today weren’t that mini at all but were still light enough to enjoy with some bread. The dried mango was fair trade (another item in the amazing goody bag from my grandparents) and makes a really delicious dessert or snack.


‘Creamy’ rice with marinated tofu, salad


I have to admit that this is still a recipe under construction. It made a very tasty and satisfying meal, but I need to tweak the finer points. Whilst I love marinated tofu (it’s absolutely delicious with salad in a wrap or pitta bread), I think a plainer tofu would have worked better in this particular dish. I felt that the marinated tofu trampled over my carefully concocted blend of flavours, whereas a plainer variety would have been more respectful. Here’s the recipe so far, and I’d recommend giving it a go but sticking to a plainer tofu.

Ingredients for ‘creamy’ rice with marinated tofu (serves 2):

– 140 g rice

– 1 onion (or about 4 shallots)

– A small piece of lemon grass

– 2 garlic cloves

– A few coriander leaves

– Olive oil

– Some plain, firm tofu (maybe half a block)

– 1 small carton of soya cream


1. Rinse the rice, bring a large saucepan of water to the boil and simmer until tender (I used wild rice so this took longer, but I’d imagine other rices would take around 15-20 minutes).

2. Meanwhile, chop the onion, peel and crush the garlic and finely chop the lemongrass. I’m not that familiar with lemongrass, but I treated it like a leek, going for the middle part and this seemed to work well. Chop the tofu and set aside.

3. Heat a good splash of oil in the saucepan and add the onion, garlic, lemongrass and coriander. Heat very, very gently (it will burn easily) until the onion is tender and transparent, but not brown.

4. Add the tofu and continue to stir fry for a minute or so. Add the cream, then drain the rice and add that in too. Simmer until the whole thing is hot through (about 5 mins) and serve.


I just had a pea shoot salad on the side, topped with some Bombay mix as I thought something slightly spicy would go well. I also finished up a couple of ryvita mini crackers left over from yesterday.


Apple and cinnamon pot

A few days ago I recounted an unfortunate dessert ruined by ‘garlic mango’ resulting from the sloppy practice of using the same chopping board for everything. Whilst it’s something that vegans can do without danger of food poisoning, instances of unpleasantly savoury fruit become a very real possibility. My grandad (who happens to be a fantastic carpenter) read about the garlic mango and kindly made me a beautiful chopping board especially for fruit. It’s too nice to chop on really, but I will anyway!


The apple I used was a little sharp (Sainsbury’s Basics range), but it made a refreshing dessert  when combined with some raisins, cinnamon, golden syrup and apple juice.  The outdoor background isn’t wholly truthful as I took a couple of pictures, sat down and then decided that I just couldn’t endure the cold. A typical summer evening in the UK.



I don’t usually mention drinks (tea, coffee, diet coke, juice etc.) but I think the really lovely fair trade cocoa I had after dinner tonight should be an exception. This was yet another item from yesterday’s amazing goody  bag, and I had it with a few squares of dark chocolate (even if the necessity of eating chocolate with cocoa is slightly questionable). I didn’t have a saucepan for heating soya milk (I’m not yet very well equipped, as you’ve probably gathered), so just mixed 1-2 tsp of cocoa with a good splash of soya milk and 1tsp of sugar, then added hot water. The result was lovely- smooth and nice and strong.


Spare piece of rye bread, pumpkin seeds

Just a piece of rye bread left over from lunch and some spare seeds. It sounds unbelievably healthy but it’s just what I happened to have in my bag.


2 thoughts on “A zero preparation lunch

  1. Hi Issie, my aunt Daphne forwarded me details of your blog – I hadn’t realised that Greg and Von had a child, I guess I haven’t seen them since I was a kid, how time flies! Anyway – good to see all your recipes, I keep meaning to go vegetarian, but like so many things in life it seems to be a question of ‘God make me good but not yet….’ I’d also recommend not being in a hurry, Zen is calm in the chaos! Give my regards to your parents when you see them next, I always liked them when I was a child. J

    • Hi Jonathan, thanks for your message. Great to hear from you. Please let me know if you ever have any questions about going veggie. I’m sure you wouldn’t regret it if you went for it! You’re right about being in a hurry 🙂 Issie

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