How not to serve a pasta salad


Maple and pecan crisp cereal, soya milk

This was a nice sugary start to rather an early Sunday morning.


Roasted pepper pasta salad,  side salads,  home made hummus and mini ryvitas


My Grandparents were coming over for Sunday lunch and the plan was to create a nice picnic to eat in a nearby park. Unfortunately though, the weather was not in a good mood and we ended up eating indoors (using the paper plates and plastic glasses that I’d  bought for the picnic). Despite carefully choosing matching paper plates and  napkins, I’d totally failed to consider what I’d serve the pasta in. I’m not really set up for entertaining yet, and don’t own such a thing as a serving dish. I didn’t have time to go shopping this morning, but was pleased to find that the corner shop was selling what looked like large plastic dishes. They certainly weren’t going to increase the classiness of my pasta salad, but I thought they looked fairly bright and summery, so purchased one and gave it a thorough wash. Sure enough, it worked well for the pasta and it wasn’t until I was washing it up after the meal that it’s true identity dawned on me. Whilst I scrubbed the bottom, I saw the words ‘cat litter tray’. An interesting choice of serving dish.

The dinner itself was actually pretty nice though. I’d prepared my trusty roasted pepper pasta salad, along with some home made hummus and tomatoes with lemon thyme and olive oil. We also had watercress and pea shoots with a choice of figs or bananas as a topping (anything sweet goes really well with watercress), and the mini ryvitas were good for dipping in the hummus.





Strawberry and dark chocolate dessert, dark chocolate with coffee


This was literally just a combination of Alpro soya dessert and strawberries served in a glass (actually a plastic picnic one). It wa lovely and sweet but not overwhelmingly sugary.



Rye bread with peanut butter and kiwi, hummus and carrots, crisps


My Grandparents had brought me a whole bag of amazing animal-free goodies, including some delicious rye bread with sunflower seeds. I’d enjoyed the rye bread I bought before, but this was in a whole new class as it wasn’t at all bitter or vinegary, just really full of great taste and goodness. Since I’d already tried rye bread with peanut butter and grapes, I thought that kiwi would be a good variation. In fact, I think it works even better than the grape version, and I’d definitely recommend it. The hummus was left over from lunch time and the carrot batons needed using up. I can never resist some crisps with this type of tea.



Banana, strawberries, oaty biscuits


Just a simple and fairly normal dessert after my unconventional first course, but it tasted very good.


Flapjack/fruit bar bites, stem ginger pieces

The flapjack/fruit bar ‘bites’ resulted from the realisation that I didn’t actually have any biscuits to go with a cup of tea after we came back from our walk. I had the oaty ones, but I wasn’t sure if they were guest grade (they’ve been open a while), so decided to chop a Nakd bar and a Blackfriars flapjack into bitesize pieces. They actually went really well with a cup of tea. The stem ginger pieces were another item from the wonderful goody bag and I look forward to using them in desserts.


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