Britain’s best traditional food?


Maple and pecan crisp cereal, soya milk, strawberries


This was my usual weekend breakfast cereal, combined with some strawberries that were left over from last night’s dessert. A sweet but very nice start to a Saturday morning.


Peanut butter and grape bagel, crisps, fruit (extra grapes and strawberries), cocoa and orange bar


This is rather an unusual sandwich filling but it’s definitely one of my favourites. I especially love sesame seed bagels, and you can’t go wrong with some crisps and a bit of fruit. The cocoa and orange bar was from the Nakd range. They’re great for energy and it’s amazing to think that they’re essentially just made out of dried fruit.


Pea risotto, grape and pea shoot salad

004 (3)

My Dad kindly made this for me and it was really delicious. It’s also a great store cupboard dish, as the ingredients are all things that you’re likely to have in your cupboard (or freezer) anyway. I featured the pea risotto recipe last week, but I can’t really claim credit for it as it’s one that I veganised (and simplified) from a fairly ancient recipe book.


The pea shoots in the salad tasted so different to the peas in the risotto that you’d never guess the link. Pea shoots seem to have dramatically dropped in price lately and cost a similar amount to any another packet of salad. For salad toppings, we had some rice coated peanuts and Bombay mix, both of which also make great animal-free snacks.

007 (2)


Watermelon, strawberries, Bourbon biscuit


My third serving of strawberries I know, but they are hard to beat and being a fruit I’m sure that they’re at least vaguely good for you. You may not think of traditional British food as being particularly animal-friendly, but strawberries couldn’t be more of a summertime tradition and they’re definitely vegan! The watermelon cubes were really sweet too, and always make a refreshing dessert.


Banana, pumpkin seeds

Bananas make a really great energy-packed snack, and pumpkin seeds are surprisingly good for keeping you going in between meals.


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