How to start the day softly


Breakfast muffins with jam, tinned mandarins


Breakfast muffins are yet another great choice for a soft and delicious start to the morning. Some of them do have milk in, but the Sainsbury’s Basics ones are definitely suitable for vegans and they’re just as nice as any of the more expensive ranges. I find that strawberry or raspberry jam is the perfect filling for white muffins. The tinned mandarins were left over from yesterday’s dessert, so I thought they’d be good as a source of early-morning vitamins.


Spicy potato and chickpeas, a little rye bread, carrot batons, piece of flapjack

I thought that last night’s dinner would make an upmarket potato salad that would be ideal for lunch. It was certainly nice enough, but having experienced the hot version, I have to admit I was slightly disappointed. All in all, I think this dish needs to stick to being a creative comfort food that’s eaten hot, rather than developing a dual identity as a potato salad. The carrot batons were nice to eat on the side, but I found that the rye bread was rather surplus to requirements so only had a small piece. The flapjack was another member of the Blackfriars range (this time date and walnut).


Khobez with avocado and peppers, crisps


As mentioned yesterday, khobez are a plain but very nice type of Arabic flat bread. Another of my avocadoes had finally ripened, so I spread some of it over half a khobez and topped with a sliced mini pepper. Cutting the flat bread open would have taken some fairly precise knife work, and given my track record for kitchen injuries I thought I’d opt for folding it over. The sweet juiciness of the peppers really added an extra something to the lovely flavour of the avocado and this made a really good sandwich. A word of warning though, this is definitely a sandwich to be eaten at home, as I suspect that the avocado would soon turn an off-putting colour if it was used in a packed lunch. I found that you actually needed two khobez, but one might be enough if you were eating this at lunch time. The crisps were (again) the salt and vinegar kettle chips, just to help balance out what seemed a scarily healthy sandwich.


Instant mango ‘cheesecake’


I’m convinced that this is a nice recipe (it doesn’t contain anything that isn’t delicious), but a series of unfortunate choices meant that tonight’s dessert wasn’t exactly a resounding success. I crumbled one and a half (fairly small) oaty biscuits from Sainsbury’s into the base of a glass, then built up layers of chopped mango and soya yogurt before topping with the final half a biscuit (roughly crumbled). The most fundamental mistake was preparing the mango on the chopping board that I’d used for last night’s onion and garlic. Whilst garlic mango might sound like an item on the menu of an expensive restaurant, it wasn’t a very welcome addition to my dessert. I’d also used the Sojade brand of vegan yogurt, and although their flavoured yogurts are really delicious, when it comes to plain soya yogurt I much prefer the Alpro version. I will be returning to this recipe once I have a fruit-specific chopping board and a pot of Alpro soya yogurt!


Morning: Fig roll

This is yet another nice  biscuit that’s available in animal-free form. Just check the ingredients (or even quicker, the allergy advice section of the packaging).

Evening: Carrot batons left over from lunch, almonds. These two items make quite a filling and nutritious snack.


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