When bravery in the kitchen pays off


Weetabix type cereal, strawberries, soya milk


This never fails as a lovely filling breakfast for a summer morning. In reality though, the summery part has more to do with the availability of strawberries than with warm mornings.


Watercress, fig and bean salad, wholemeal roll, grapes, peanut bar


This refreshing salad was actually hearty enough for a main meal. If you want to transform a salad into a meal, I always find that adding ingredients like beans and seeds helps to make it really filling and nutritious. To make the salad for one person I just used a bowl of watercress, a generous handful of blackeye peas and pumkin seeds, some chopped figs and a couple of mini peppers, sliced. A soft wholemeal roll is great on the side, and I find that these go well even without being warmed or spread with soya margarine. I suspected that the salad may have been a little dry without the usual drizzle of olive oil but didn’t want to risk oiling the entire contents of my bag. In fact though, it wasn’t dry at all which may have been due to the nice moist peppers.


Rye bread with peanut butter and grapes, salad, crisps


This is where the need for bravery comes in. Rye bread, peanut butter and grapes may not sound like an obvious combination, but if you give it a go I don’t think you’ll regret it. My vague theory is that the slightly sharp taste of the rye bread goes well with the mild, salty peanut butter, and the sweetness of the grapes adds a nice finishing touch as well as a refreshing burst of juice. I just toasted the ¬†rye bread (one end at a time due to toaster dimension limitations), then spread it with some soya margarine and peanut butter. I arranged a few chopped grapes on top to finish it off, but these definitely need to be really sweet ones. The salad was just some watercress with a few of the wonderful mini peppers, but I added a bag of salt and vinegar kettle chips to balance out what seemed an excessively healthy meal.


Strawberries and dark chocolate

004 (2)

I had a nice punnet of strawberries that needed eating, but hadn’t been able to buy ingredients for a more creative dessert. I do find that this one is hard to beat though.


Just almonds today. I bought these in Costcutters, assuming that this was a shrewd business decision, but on reflection I think they actually cost more than in the supermarket. Still, I felt more economical just for going into Costcutters, even if no costs were actually cut.


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