A Sunday lunch that can’t go wrong


Mixture of cereal, soya milk

001 (2)

Maple and pecan crisp combines really well with other cereals, including muesli. This wasn’t so much a creative choice as a result of reaching the end of the packet, but it made for a good breakfast.


Pasta salad with Mediterranean veg, leafy salad, homemade hummus


This was a really effortless way to provide a nice Father’s Day lunch. During the morning, I posted the peppers in the oven for half an hour, then at lunchtime I just had to cook the pasta, quickly prepare the rest of the ingredients and throw together a hummus. This is an ideal dish to cook for a special lunch, as it looks really colourful and has a great Italian flavour. Above all, it’s quite hard to imagine how it could go wrong. It’s essentially the recipe for roasted pepper pasta salad but today I added some avocado. In case you were wondering about the non eco-friendly paper plates, it was supposed to be a picnic in a nearby park, but the chilly drizzle resulted in an indoor lunch instead.


The hummus is from the recipe I always use (1 can of chickpeas, juice of 1 lemon, 1 tbsp tahini, 3 tbsp olive oil and a little parsley) but today I added a splash of water to create a better dipping material for breadsticks and celery. If you’re making it to put in a sandwich though, I’d recommend omitting the water to create a thicker paste and avoid any risk of sogginess. In any case, all you need to do is mash the ingredients together until they turn into a hummus.



After lunch we went over to Costa Coffee (I smuggled in a bar of vegan chocolate to compensate for the lack of animal-free desserts on sale). This was the first time I’d tried an iced soya latte and it tasted great- lovely and strong but really refreshing.



Rye bread with avocado, salad, coconut peanuts


I was surprisingly hungry after a journey back to London so went for a heartier snack than planned. I’d left a trio of avocadoes ripening by the windowsill, but had grave doubts as to how they’d fare over the weekend, especially the one that seemed to have softened long before its contemporaries. Whilst two are still pretty unyielding, one  was perfect for spreading on some rye bread and this made a really tasty supper. I also tried a piece of rye bread with peanut butter, and I think this could be the ultimate power snack.



Grapes, a couple of oaty biscuits


I sometimes find that green grapes are a little sharp, but these ones were lovely and sweet. The oaty biscuits are only Sainsbury’s own brand, but they taste really similar to Hobnobs and are perfect with a cup of tea.


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