A revolutionary vegan cheese


Maple and pecan crisp cereal, soya milk

This is my usual weekend favourite and can be bought in either Tesco or Sainsbury’s.


Vegan cheese and tomato bagel, crisps, satsuma, fruit bar


I have to say that this is the best vegan cheese I’ve tasted. I’d sampled it at the V Delicious veggie food festival last week, so my expectations were pretty high but I was yet to try it in any significant quantity. It was certainly very cheddar-like and tasted great in a  bagel combined with cherry tomatoes. Unfortunately it’s not yet available in supermarkets but you can buy it online (http://www.vegusto.co.uk/shop/) and in some health food shops. It’s rather pricey but nice for a treat every now and again and it’s fairly strong so you don’t have to use too much of it. It’s the Vegusto brand and it’s  encouragingly made in Switzerland. I look forward to trying a macaroni ‘cheese’ next week.


Pea risotto, salad, peanuts


This is a tasty and nutritious dish that’s kind to the wallet too. It’s actually a veganised (and slightly simplified) version of a recipe in Risotto and Rice Recipes Made Easy by Sabine Salzer (although I’m not sure you can still buy the book). Tonight’s version was cooked to an excellent standard by my Dad and went really well with a glass of vegan wine from the Co-op. Apologies for the slightly fuzzy photo- the camera lense didn’t appreciate the steam!

Ingredients for pea risotto (serves 4):

– 1 onion

– A good handful of parsley

– Olive oil

– 315g peas

– 1 litre stock

– 250g risotto rice

Optional: soya cream


1. Chop the onion and roughly chop the parsley.

2. Heat a good splash of oil in a saucepan and sautee the onion and parsley for a few mins, stirring constantly.

3. Add about a quarter of the stock and the peas. When the stock is boiling, simmer for about 5 mins.

4. Add the rest of the stock and the risotto rice and simmer until the stock has been absorbed (about 20-25 mins). Stir regularly to prevent sticking.

5. Stir in a splash of soya cream and serve.


Vegan cupcake, strawberries



The cupcakes were bought for (early) Father’s Day from the wonderful Ms Cupcake bakery in Brixton (totally animal-free). I sampled pieces of the tiramisu and triple chocolate ones, and I think tiramisu is my favourite flavour yet.



Banana, piece of peanut bar

Bananas do make a great self-wrapped snack, and there’s nothing better than a piece of peanut brittle  for an urgent sugar boost.


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