A frozen food that makes a warming meal


Weetabix type cereal, soya milk, strawberries


A nice energising combination which I’d definitely recommend.


Wholemeal rolls with guacamole and watercress, crisps, apple, peanut bar


I generally try to be positive about anything animal-free, but I have to admit I’m not a big fan of this Sainsbury’s ‘be good to yourself’ guacamole.  It’s certainly not the only vegan sandwich filling available (there’s no shortage of animal-free sandwich ideas) but I’d never noticed it before so thought I should give it a go.  You can buy the peanut bars (if you dare) from the World Food section of supermarkets, but they’re extremely sugary and highly addictive. They can also be found at AMT coffee stalls.


Moroccan couscous bakes with sweet tomato and ginger sauce, asparagus, salad


When you try to picture the vegan section of a frozen foods aisle, you might either think that no such thing existed, or imagine a lone bean burger looking slightly pitiful. Fortunately though, this isn’t the case, and even Tesco has a really good range of animal-free foods that you can just put in the oven and eat. It’s obviously great to make things from scratch, but occasionally it’s nice to have a rest and fortunately that option is open to herbivores too.

These couscous bakes are just one of the vegan options, but there’s a wide variety of others (falafels, meatless burgers, nut cutlets, veggie grills etc.). In Tesco, some of these items are marked as vegan, and others not (including the couscous bakes). I can only assume it’s due to the factory they’re made in or something along those lines. The totally animal-free options are helpfully mixed in with vegetarian items that do contain eggs and/or dairy, but a quick glance at the allergy advice section of the packaging can usually clear up any uncertainty.

The couscous bakes were really tasty- not at all excessively salty or overpoweringly garlicy. Their spiciness meant that they were really warming too (and we still need warming here in the UK, even in June). The mini peppers were really sweet, and looked so pretty that they just had to be photographed separately!



Ginger Booja Booja ice cream


This was also from the freezer, but I must admit it’s a bit of a luxury item that’s found in health shops rather than supermarkets. Fortunately though, most supermarkets stock the Swedish Glace brand of vegan ice cream (which tastes really good), so you don’t have to make a special trip to buy it. There’s always sorbet too, which is normally vegan and comes in various fruity flavours. For a real treat though (or for an impressive end to a dinner party) there’s no beating the delicious Booja Booja ice cream.


Apples, almonds

The almonds were left over from a batch I roasted the other day and they do make a really great snack.


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