The non-issue of buying vegan bread


Wholemeal rolls with jam, strawberries

You might not think it was very difficult to toast a roll, but I certainly had some trouble this morning. The first really took its time in the toaster and the second popped up promptly in a blackened state. I hate to waste food, but there does come a point when the bin is the only option. When I finally got round to eating the rolls, they were very nice.


Fig and spinach pasta salad, almonds, grapes

This was the cold version of last night’s unexpected pasta sauce (plus pasta)! It seems to join the list of dishes that do really well overnight in the fridge, but I’d say it’s definitely worth eating it at room temperature and not straight from the fridge as this does tend to kill all the flavour. I actually forget to add the almonds on top, but they were just as good eaten separately. If you’re roasting some almonds, I’d definitely recommend doing the whole packet, then you’ll have a ready supply for future snacking and sprinkling.


Rocket, fig and seed salad, rye bread with guacamole


This was another store cupboard salad but it worked really well. To make one salad, I just used a bowl full of rocket, a handful of blackeye  peas, a few chopped figs and a handful of pumpkin seeds. I roasted these in the oven (on gas 6/220 C) for about 10 mins, but this isn’t essential. I always find a drizzle of olive oil helps to bring the final touch to a salad.

Having eaten a fair amount of Italian style bread in recent weeks (i.e. ciabatta and focaccia) I thought it was probably time to give the German variety a go. My previous encounter with rye bread hadn’t been a wholly happy one, but this was many years ago and I thought it was probably time it had a second chance. I’m a great fan of making my own spreads, but I see that Sainsbury’s seem to have extended their range of animal free dips and feel that I should try these out. I went for the ‘be good to yourself’ guacamole, thinking it would be nice on the rye bread. Unfortunately though, both the rye bread and the guacamole rated pretty high on the vinegary taste scale, so weren’t an ideal combination. I’ll be trying them both again in solo form, and even an extra piece of  rye with some soya spread was much better.

In case you’re wondering whether rye bread is some kind of vegan staple, the answer is definitely no. Most standard sliced bread is vegan, as well as most rolls, bagels, tortillas, pittas, crumpets etc.. Many speciality breads (e.g. ciabatta) come in vegan form too though, and I’m trying to feature as many different types as possible, just to show the overwhelming variety that’s available to a plant eater.



Strawberries and dark chocolate

I realise that this was a repeat of yesterday’s dessert but the strawberries did need eating (even if the situation of the dark chocolate wasn’t quite so urgent). I really should have a bit of a drive on post main course creativity- watch this space.



Apples, the other half of the flapjack bar from yesterday (still very good though)


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