One Lovely Blog Award

A Huge thank you to Poppy for giving me this award- I feel very honoured. Please do head over to Poppy’s Patisserie to check out her inspirational recipes for vegan baking. As well as being delicious,  they’re also really healthy, such as beetroot and avocado chocolate cake with chocolate glaze and toasted almond gold dustPoppy’s Patisserie  is also a great source of heart warming stories that will make your day, such as the one about Beauty the bald eagle and her prosthetic beak.

Rules for accepting the award: 

– Thank the blogger who nominated you

– Link the post to their page

– State 7 random facts about yourself.

– Nominate those that you feel are deserving of this award.

7 random facts: 

Animal related:

1. I have a cat called Percy whoose favourite activity is sitting in the bathroom sink and drinking from the tap.

2. My other cat, Nessie, only drinks water from a little container on a bedside table!

3. I have a pony called Fred who has a very pink nose and so needs to wear sun cream in the summer.

4. I adopt a turkey called Tessa who lives at Hillside Animal Sanctuary







Non-animal related and even more random:

5. Before I went vegan, I once made a meringue gateau and accidentally used salt instead of sugar. The results were a little odd.

6. I love origami and tend to make cranes and frogs out of any sweet papers that look shiny and foldable.

7. Until a couple of weeks ago, I still had a tiny mobile phone where you had to press each key multiple times to get a single letter.

Blogs I’d like to award:

Don’t Switch off the Light

Violet’s Vegan e-Comics


Made of Stars

Herbivorous Geek


5 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. You’re such a darling! Congrats on your award!
    My boy cat Tiger Pants (A.K.A Rios) likes to sit in the kitchen sink but when it’s full of water!! Sometimes quite hot water and he just sits there purring away haha! And his sister Aria somehow just managed to get herself inside my kitchen pedal bin! Sllly billies! 🙂

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