Habits in the making


Maple and pecan crisp cereal, soya milk, grapes

This cereal has become a bit of a weekend habit as its sweet nutty flavour is pretty irresistible. I try to eat  healthier cereals the rest of the time!

Late Lunch

Vegan pizza with red onion, pine nuts, capers, oilves and sultanas, rocket salad

Dessert: Fruit salad and soya latte


This is the second habit that seems to be creeping in, as I’ve found that Pizza Express is surprisingly vegan-friendly and makes a great location for a lunch out with family or friends. They’ve assured me that their pizza bases are vegan, and they’re quite happy to serve pizzas without cheese and salads without dressing. You might think that pizza without cheese would be dry, but I’ve always found that the pizza bases are naturally moist and there’s a good (but not overwhelming) amount of tomato passata.


Unfortuately Costa Coffee are yet to provide a vegan cake/dessert, but they do nice soya coffees and a good fruit salad. A fruit-based dessert was probably the most sensible option  anyway after the liberally iced (and very delicious) vegan cupcake that I had yesterday.


Late evening snack to follow….


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