The official introduction of snacks


Blueberry wheats with grapes and dried fruit, soya milk


Another unfortunate consequence of my late arrival back into London yesterday was that my bread had gone mouldy over the weekend, leaving little possibility for morning toast. I didn’t have much cereal either- just a few blueberry wheats at the bottom of a packet. As someone who doesn’t have the stamina to skip breakfast, I decided I’d have to be creative. I just combined the last bit of cereal with some grapes, dried cranberries and dried apricots. The result was quite nice and actually fairly good for morning energy but I have to admit that if given the choice I’d rather just stick to a simple bowl of very sweet cereal!


Vegetable couscous, apple, piece of flapjack


This turned out to be another dish that did well overnight in the fridge (having been thrown together rather hurriedly last night). It would have been even nicer if I’d got it out of the fridge a little earlier though, giving it time to get to room temperature.


Leafy salad with homemade hummus, olive ciabatta and coconut peanuts

Dessert: Blackberries and soya cream

I was really pleased to find this great animal-free ciabatta in Sainsbury’s, especially as it had olives in. A few slices of it went really well with a leafy salad and the rest of the hummus I made before the weekend. For the salad, I just used some mixed leaves from a packet, a chopped tomato, some sliced cucumber and a good handful of pumpkin seeds (drizzled, as ever, with some olive oil). The coconut peanuts were another find on the Caribbean shelf of Sainsbury’s world foods aisle. They are, as it warns on the packet, very difficult to stop eating once you’ve started.



I know strawberries and cream are a more traditional combination but the black berries were half price. This was the first time I’d tried  the chilled version of Alpro Soya Cream, and also the first time I’d used the product as a topping in its own right, rather than as part of a sauce. I genuinely was impressed and it tasted just like dairy cream to me. The half open packet of cream seems like a great excuse to buy some strawberries in the near future…



I feel it’s time for a confession. So far, I haven’t been including snacks but it’s not as though I’m actually disciplined enough to fast between meals! I’ve decided to include these from now on and there’s certainly no shortage of the animal free variety. Today’s snack was a Nakd cocoa and orange bar (one of my favourites from the range). You’d never know they’re actually just made out of dried fruit.


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