Lunch before a Great Event


Blueberry wheats, pineapple, soya milk

You’ll be glad to know that the packet of blueberry wheats is now nearing its end so you won’t have to hear about them for too much longer. They are very good though, especially with a little fruit as a topping  (tinned fruit works fine for this).


Gungo bean hummus sandwich, apple

This was the hummus I made last night with a tinned pulse I found in the world food section of Sainsbury’s (Caribbean shelf). I combined it with watercress and tomato slices and although the taste was nice I have to admit that the bread was a little soggy (probably due to over enthusiastically thick tomato slices).

Today’s sandwich quality went virtually unnoticed though, as I was eating lunch while waiting for the march against the badger cull to begin and was more occupied with looking at the amazing turnout and admiring everyone’s fantastic costumes and banners. It was great to see so many people showing their support for badgers. If you haven’t already (and you’re a UK resident or British citizen), please do sign the petition against the cull at and ask your MP to attend the Opposition Day debate on Wednesday and vote against the cull.


Gnocchi with sweet tomato and ginger sauce, Pea shoot salad with nuts and olives

Dessert: Watermelon (and a little dark chocolate)



This is a favourite quick dinner of mine and it’s filling without being heavy. Pea shoots make a lovely salad and seem to have come down in price this summer. Watermelon is a lovely light, sweet end to any meal and a few squares of vegan chocolate are never a bad thing!



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