A fail safe way to serve courgettes


Toast with strawberry jam, vegan yogurt with mandarin slices

I had some yogurt that was at risk of going past its prime so I thought I’d better finish up some of it for breakfast. It definitely helped morning sugar levels!


Chive and onion bagel, hummus

This is yet another member of the great New York Bagel family which seems to be expanding all the time. It goes really well dipped in hummus.


‘Creamy’ courgette with cumin, mini pitta breads with tomato and hummus/tahini

Dessert: pineapple and dark chocolate


The presence of some soya cream left over from yesterday resulted in another ‘creamy’ dish. This really is a great way to be confident that you will be serving courgettes with a great flavour which is slightly spicy without being hot. The basic idea comes from a vegetarian recipe book, but I’ve veganized it and added a few of my own ingredients. It’s great with pitta bread, but you can also add rice for a more substantial meal.

Ingredients for creamy courgette with cumin (serves 2):

– 1 onion

– A splash of olive oil

– 1-2 tsp cumin seeds

(Optional but nice) a few fennel seeds

– 2 garlic cloves (crushed)

– 2 courgettes

– A good handful of sultanas

– A good handful of nuts (e.g. pistachios)

– 1 pack of soya cream


1. Chop the courgettes and onion and set aside.

2. Heat the oil and add the onion. Sautee until it goes semi-transparent, stirring constantly. Add the garlic, cumin seeds and a small pinch of the fennel seeds (these have a strong flavour) and stir over a low heat very briefly as the seeds will burn easily.

3.  Add the courgette and continue to sauté until it goes tender (around 10 mins).

4. Add the soya cream, sultanas and nuts and simmer for another 5 mins. Serve straight away.


For 22p in Sainsbury’s, the mini pitta breads were a great help with dispelling the myth about vegan food being expensive. The last of the home made hummus was great in the pitta with some tomato slices, but I thought that the tahini was a little intense as a filling on its own despite being a great ingredient for sauces and home made spreads.

The problem with tinned fruit is its drab, unphotogenic appearance. Fresh pineapple would have looked great with the dark chocolate but the pro-prepared version is rather pricy and it takes dedication to prepare a whole one. Tinned seemed like a good compromise and tasted lovely. In any case, there are few in instant desserts that don’t look good in a glass!

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