The perfect solution to your hummus problems


Blueberry wheats with fruit, soya milk


Same as yesterday but it does make a good start to the morning!


Hummus and tomato roll, almonds, apple, peanut brittle type bar

Hummus is a delicious thing and a reliable vegan sandwich filling but the shop bought variety is not without its minor drawbacks. If you’re the main hummus-eater in your household, it can be hard to get through the large tubs without them going off and the mini tubs often have at least one flavour you’ll be less fond of. There is a solution though, as home made hummus is quick and easy to make, as well as much cheaper. On one of my previous posts featuring shop bought hummus, a reader called Sarah posted a recipe for a home made version in the comments section. I tried this out in today’s sandwich and it really is delicious. I’ve shared it below, although she does warn that it’s not for the garlic-faint-hearted. I’d probably put myself in this category, so I left out the garlic altogether and it still tasted great. I don’t have a food processor either, but vigorous fork mashing and spoon stirring did the job well, even if the end result was slightly chunkier. Thank you Sarah!


– 1 tin of chickpeas, drained

– Juice of 1/2 a lemon

– 3 tbsp of tahini

– 3 tbsp of olive oil (though you may want to adjust this depending on how thick you want it)

– 3 cloves of garlic, crushed

– Pinch of salt


Blend the ingredients together until smooth (or mash with a fork/potato masher and stir with a spoon)


Beetroot and pistachio risotto, salad, bread and hummus. Dessert: instant animal-free ‘cheesecake’


The risotto was just the rest of yesterday’s dinner revamped with a few more ingredients (e.g. more beetroot, nuts, soya cream). It still tasted great, but I don’t think the overnight stay in the fridge had been very beneficial to its texture and this aspect wasn’t quite as good as last night. Maybe this is a recipe that’s best eaten in its entirety rather than being partially saved for the next day.

The instant dessert really isn’t that sophisticated but can be made to look so if served nicely (and tastes great anyway). Just crush some digestive biscuits (1-2 per person depending on how thick you like the base) then distribute in some glasses and top with vegan yogurt and some grated (or thinly ‘shaved’) chocolate. It’s the same basic concept as cheesecake even if there are some fundamental differences! For a really great vegan cheesecake I’d recommend the Golden Harvest recipe book which you can order on Hillside Animal Sanctuary’s website:



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