Eating plants at a restaurant is easier than you think


Maple & pecan crisp cereal, soya milk

A healthier cereal has been purchased for tomorrow morning!


Animal free pizza, salad. Dessert: fruit


Today I ended up at Pizza Express for the second Sunday lunch in a row, but they do a very good vegan pizza so it certainly wasn’t a hardship. Their pizza bases don’t contain any dairy so you just have to ask for the cheese to be left off along with any other animal ingredients. You might think that a cheeseless pizza was rather dry but this really isn’t the case as there’s a good spread of tomato passata and the dough itself is nice and moist. Today’s choice had red onion, sultanas, olives, capers and pine nuts which was a great combination. In fact, it sounds like an inspiring idea for a pasta sauce- watch this space…

I think one of the things that puts people off making the animal free leap is the idea that meals out will become embarrassingly impossible. This really isn’t the case though, as menus often have naturally vegan options and if not then it’s easy to create your own by asking for an animal ingredient to be left out. I’ve found that restaurant staff are generally very happy to help so you’re not left feeling awkward. It’s also worth remembering that many people are allergic to dairy so this increases the pressure on restaurants to be friendly to plant eaters!


Wholemeal roll with jam, salted almonds, dried fruit, apple, dark chocolate

Despite the great Sunday lunch, I did find a bit of a gap for some tea later on. Dried fruit and nuts make a great accompaniment to a sandwich if you’re feeling virtuous and going for a crisp-free day. This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned salted almonds and they’re certainly not cheap  but they really are worth it. They’re next to the salted peanuts in Tesco. Soft rolls are great with strawberry jam, although they do need quite a bit to make it a worthwhile experience!


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